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About Vivian

I am an observational extragalactic astronomer with broad research interests in the field of galaxy evolution. As a galaxy+AGN enthusiast, I am interested to investigate how galaxies, the basic building block of the universe, have evolved since the beginning of time. Since supermassive black holes in the center of massive galaxies seem to play an important role in their hosts' lives, the detailed interface between them and mergers of massive black holes are as much a driving force of galaxy evolution as they are of my research.

Professional Appointments

2020-Present: Assistant Research Astronomer, UC Irvine
2018-2020: Assistant Project Scientist, UC Irvine
2017-2018: Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Irvine
2015-2017: University of California Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Riverside/Irvine
2012-2014: Thirty Meter Telescope Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Riverside


Ph.D., Astronomy, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2012
M.S., Astronomy, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2008
B.S., Astrophysics, California Institute of Technology, 2006

Publications and Curriculum Vitae

My publications on ADS and arXiv
My CV in pdf format: CV


Department of Physics and Astronomy
4129 Frederick Reines Hall
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697

vivianu [at] uci [dot] edu

Office: FRH 2154
Twitter: @justtheletteru
ORCID: 0000-0002-1912-0024


Group Members

Here is a list of folks that I have had the luck to supervise on various galaxy/AGN projects:


Arianna Long
10/2020 - Present: UCI Grad (co-advising with Asantha Cooray and Caitlin Casey); PhD thesis


Tianmu Gao
07/2020 - Present: Beijing Normal University Grad (co-advising with Zong-Hong Zhu); Masters thesis


Liam Hunt
06/2020 - Present: UCI Undergrad; Senior thesis

Former members


Akshay Gowrishankar
06/2020 - 10/2020: Caltech Undergrad (co-advised with George Privon); SURF


Ansh Vashisth
12/2019 - 10/2020: Orange County School of the Arts High school student


Bailey Liu
06/2019 - 11/2019: Orange County School of the Arts High school student and Regeneron Top 300 Scholar (now Woodrow Wilson Undergrad Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University)